Transaction trumps Design… in Africa!

Dec 06, 2016 No Comments by

Often we are faced with a decision, whether to opt for the better performing solution, or to side with the more economical alternative. On face value, opting for the “better” product would satisfy a “want”, more so than a “need”…unfortunately. To provide context here, value is established in the transaction as much as in the […]

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High Five’s, Braai’s & DIY’s

Oct 24, 2016 No Comments by

With the summer period, “certainly in the Southern Hemisphere” rapidly approaching, the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors presents itself with arms wide open. In a South African narrative, this is traditionally best expressed socially by enjoying a open braai (barbecue), watching local “or international cricket” and possibly the opportunity to address some pressing DIY related […]

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Board Architecture – a South African adaptation

Oct 18, 2016 No Comments by

The usage of boards in construction is common practice and has been for many centuries. Derived from natural organic materials such as timber, boards have also enjoyed an evolution into synthetic or engineered variants that are more contemporary in today’s built environment. The attributes of a quality board weigh equally in its aesthetics, as well […]

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