Advanced Building – in the News

Sep 07, 2016 No Comments by

Through our partners and associates, Advanced Building continues to grow its database and indeed, its community. In the latest edition of Architect & Builder (South Africa’s oldest architectural magazine), Advanced Building occupies the “featured article” slot for the August 2016 edition. Here, Thought Leader Brendan Lowen describes how designs and structures in the future, should […]

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Mind the “performance”Gap

Aug 26, 2016 No Comments by

Building structures that are designed to achieve a green star rating in South Africa apply themselves to a performance “checklist” with criteria deemed to satisfy respective green star ratings. The criteria for the most part are based on credits that are based with the design of the structure and not necessarily how the structure will […]

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Performance materials can be measured

Aug 19, 2016 No Comments by

Perhaps one of the bigger drivers of energy efficiency around the globe at the moment is the inability to create enough sustainable energy, sufficient for our current demand. This runs parallel to the impact that energy creation has on the environment – a double whammy if you will. From a performance perspective, industries are not […]

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