Knauf – a new dawn

Apr 24, 2017 No Comments by

A global giant in building materials, the Knauf Group will be formally entering the South African market through their presence at the African Construction Week, to be held at Gallagher Estate in May 2017. Although their materials have gained modest exposure over the last decade, this will be the first time that four divisions of […]

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Facing Headwinds? Time to act…

Mar 20, 2017 No Comments by

Having recently had the pleasure of being hosted by significant manufacturers in the Building Materials industry on a trip to Europe, I observed the activity (and behaviour) in the local markets with much interest! Having exposure to our local markets in South Africa, one often hears rhetoric that is scrutinised by more mature markets in […]

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Diversify…or die

Feb 24, 2017 No Comments by

Quite a provocative headline, however it is a phrase that is being spoken across many industries, not just locally but globally. The disruptive behaviours that exist in many economies are placing pressure in historical markets and indeed industries where traditionally, a single product that was well made and enjoyed a captive audience, is now under […]

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