Advanced Building is about bringing high performing materials and construction methods to the attention of the both the professional as well as the homeowner.

We are currently in an age of digital disruption which is influencing many industries, including the building materials sector.

The constant development of advanced building materials will be followed and highlighted through both the website and you, the contributor. This site will hopefully aid in promoting structures, building methods, relevant articles, highlight designers and look at high performing building materials that are used extensively, both locally and abroad…

With more and more emphasis on high performance structures, structures that are designed with less reliance on the national grid and yet are able to provide fantastic thermal & acoustic insulation as well as providing the client with an economical solution, there is an opportunity for lightweight construction amongst other forms to find a place in our building industry. It follows that in such structures, the application of high performance materials would be of utmost importance and we look at such building materials, their attributes, applications and technical information.


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