Everite Logo 300 x 100Everite Building Products has been associated with the South African building industry for almost 70 years. Producing a wide range of materials that satisfy the needs of the commercial, industrial and residential market sectors, Everite is renowned for its comprehensive range of Nutec roofing, ceilings, cladding and pipes amongst other.

Comprising a special mix of Portland cement, silica, additives and organic fibres (wood-cellulose), asbestos-free NUTEC exhibits exceptional high performance properties when compared to traditional fibre cement products.  The added benefits include: use of safe, renewable fibres; considerable tensile strength with enhanced dynamic load bearing properties; excellent thermal properties; water & wind resistance; hail resistance; fire resistance & resistance to fungus, rodents and acid.


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Fibre Cement
Between 1982 – 2002, Everite has spent over R140 Million in new technology to determine new fibres to replace asbestos. Over 300 different fibres were researched to meet technical performance, durability and be locally sourced. The end product also proved to be bio-degradable and “renewable”

Training Academy
Everite gives training on all its main building materials through its technical staff at the academy. Certificates of compliance are also issued to those who have been accredited with correct building practice in working with our products.

Product development
Aside from our advanced 94 hectare facility south of Johannesburg, we pride ourselves on new product development and value-add services of our flat sheets so as to accommodate jointing compounds for walling structures, ect. This becomes cost effective to the client

High quality material
As part of our quality control, the manufacturing of our flat sheets are monitored for uniform size, thickness and density so as to maintain our high level of standards at Everite – this in turn is passed on to the customer.

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