Rainpillow – DIY water storage for the home

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The Rainpillow, a flexible PVC water harvester, used to store rain water caught on roofing structures as well as a means to store grey water on site. The product is manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa, a city that is experiencing its worst drought in over 100 years! Means of being able to reduce water consumption and make use of means to store water have been heightened.

The Rainpillow is designed for ease of use both with installing as much as in its usage. It competes in the same catagory as the more commonly seen plastic water tanks, however, unlike the tanks it is able to be packed up and stored away during times when it is not required. It can therefore also be moved to different locations on a site with ease. (a 1000l Rainpillow weighs approx 3,8kg).


Accessories do exist for this product and one such accessory is manufactured by globally reknown German brand Gardena. Gardena have a electric drill pump that effectively fits to any electric drill and utilises the power of the drill to suction water from the Rainpillow to the area designated. The flow rate is quite impressive and it has been specified to transfer approx 2000 litres in an hour, (dependnat on the type of electric drill used).

In times of crisis, it is comforting to know that products such as the Rainpillow avail themselves to anyone at just about any age, view this four year old installing a Rainpillow here

Products can be viewed and ordered from the website at www.rainpillow.com

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