Avis Rental Facility – Durban Airport

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The Avis turn-around facility at the Durban International Airport was designed and constructed using light steel frame as the basis for its structure. The architects (Walker Smith Architects) decided on this method of construction for a few reasons.

One notable reason was space requirements for building material. If conventional methods were used, it would have created a problem with where to store the material on site. Another reason was time, the client Avis, would have to incur some form of “downtime” during construction which would have affected rental sales during that period. The contractor “Steffenutti & Stocks” utilised Everite Nutec fibre cement sheets on the structure, which was designed with a curve feature. The flexibility in the medium density sheets allowed for this curve to be achieved.

The result was a desirable structure inline with the clients branding expectations and a project delivered in record time so as to avoid further loss in revenue during the construction period.

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