Brick Vaneer fibre cement panel

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We take a look at a common profile seen in the building industry manufactured to a board size out of fibre cement. Everite Building Products have looked at rejuvenating a familiar profile through popular feedback from various professionals and developers in the local building industry.

The board thickness is currently set at around 6mm with a nominal board size set at 1900mm by 1110mm. It’s application would be best used in area’s such as plinth levels, columns and an alternative to a standard facade’s, ext… The Nutec board arrives in its natural light grey colour and consists of a face brick pattern including perps and joints with a textured external finish. The board can be painted to replicate a certain colour of conventional face brick.

Due to the process of manufacturing, cutting will be required on site should the pattern on the boards be required to remain constant, (i.e to line up with adjacent brick vaneer board panels). Due to the inherent characteristics of the material content in fibre cement, normal carpentry tools are able to be used, thus saving the builder on site with cutting and installation.

This profile board enhances a standard plastered finish wall without the wet trades associated with conventional construction. Fixed to a backing board, it lends itself well to light weight construction as well. A cost saving to the client with an aesthetically pleasing finish…

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