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Performance driven construction, consisting of framework structures such as light steel frame buildings, as well as advanced building materials, offer the builder  unique benefits in the South African building industry.

For lightweight construction, key performance indicators are re-inforced when erecting framework structures due to benefits such as, in-time construction (wall panels arriving on site the day they are required to be erected) where the potential for conventional raw materials being damaged or stolen is apparent, being able to follow a projected construction time-line with ease, amongst many other factors that would determine the successful completion of a structure.

For the builder, speed and precision become common practice on site. The accuracy of the frames, the ease at which the frames are handled (often by just 2-3 people) are unique to conventional methods of construction. LSFB have their own building code, SANS 517 and and organisation in SASFA. SASFA hold courses for builders and inspectors in 3 regions of South Africa annually and support the builder becoming accredited in this method of construction. As a result, this method of construction has enjoyed financial approval by the major banks. Engineers and Architects have worked for years with lightweight construction and found favour with it. (select the Interviews menu to see how professionals have found working with LSFB and the high performance materials associated)

Internationally, the popularity of lightweight construction and advanced building materials is founded on its main benefit – that it can be designed for performance. The energy efficiency of these structures are superior to conventional construction – something that cannot be ignored even by those who find it hard to acknowledge new technical advancements in construction. The icons on the right highlight building materials most commonly used in performance driven construction. They are performance materials, manufactured to specification to offer the client a resilient, aesthetically appealing finish and above all else, a high performance structure. Click on the building material icons on the left for more of an insight into these high performance materials, where they are most often used, technical information and specifications. By selecting the Lightweight Construction menu, you will also receive reviews from previous SASFA builders courses. Ultimately by informing you the builder of what can be achieved in lightweight construction, you may be able to offer your client an advanced method of construction that will deliver not only quality but high performance as well.

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