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In this space you will find out more information pertaining to the benefits of advanced building materials.

For decades, lightweight construction, encompassing framework structures such as light steel frame and structural insulated panels (SIP), has been gathering momentum globally as a high performance method of building.

So much so, that in today’s environment of energy efficiency, it rates as one of the top methods of construction through its performance. Together with the advancement of new building materials, the end-user which is ultimately you, the homeowner, stand to benefit from having a structure that is built around performance.

In order to determine which building materials to utilise on your structure, consider the following icons on the right hand side that will need careful attention when planning your structures “look” and performance. The “Homeowner” is able to navigate through this page with relative ease, leaving the technical detailing and design to the “Professional” for consideration. Should you wish to investigate in more detail, click on the “Professional” and “Builder” icons on the Home page for more in-depth analyses into specifications and technical detail.

Of further interest are the articles displayed on the website that are pertaining to Lightweight Construction, Advanced Building Materials and their performance. Simply click on the drop down menu and view informative articles relating to the performance and their Sustainability as an energy efficient method of construction.

Contact information for qualified professionals in the Lightweight construction industry are at hand, we would suggest you visit I’m an Associate page to begin with. Building material companies who have associated themselves with Advanced Building have qualified professionals at hand to assist you in your design and construction process. Alternatively, send a message to Advanced Building and we will direct your query to the relevant professional you are searching for.

Important to note, is that lightweight construction encompasses many different methods of construction and in time, Advanced Building will endeavour to cover these various accredited methods. We encourage you to interact as a Contributor and discover the possibilities that lightweight construction and advanced building materials are able to deliver.

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