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Welcome to the new look Advanced Building website! The interface is such that it will hopefully guide the viewer to content most relevant to them. Please do browse the entire site to see what would appeal to you most.

We have created a user friendly guide to try and engage with you our viewer and hopefully receive content form you too in the future, after all, its through this awareness that lightweight construction will grow in Southern Africa. With the new website, we want to know “who are you?”

Are you a Homeowner, perhaps you are a student or Professional, or even a Builder? Select the category that best describes your background and receive content that is pertinent to your search.

Old Advanced Building Website

Perhaps you remember the previous Advanced Building site? It was originally set up as a “blog” website with content and appearance that was mainly text driven. It served its purpose however needed a much improved facelift with an interface that engaged with various sectors of society.


So, whats new…?

I'm a ContributorA new feature to the site is the ability to contribute to the website. “I’m a Contributor” allows the user, once registered to the website, to contribute articles of interest that will be highlighted on the site.

This will encourage all sectors of the industry to add valuable articles of interest, images and experiences with lightweight construction and the high performance materials used in such structures.

Also new is the logo and what it represents – for further information on this, click here.

Enjoy and receive interesting content on Lightweight Construction and the high performance materials that are used on such structures. We hope to promote interaction on this website and your feedback is much appreciated.

The Advanced Building Team

Lightweight Construction

About the author

Brendan Lowen is a qualified Senior Architectural Technologist and Head of Business Development for a nationally renown building materials manufacturer and supplier. Local and Global materials are constantly scrutinised for their fit-for-purpose offering in South Africa, whilst undergoing a route-to-market analysis. He often acts as an intermediary when engaging with the professional, manufacturing and retail sectors and most notably, when a disconnect becomes present within this chain. He contributes media content to the architectural community, through established industry platforms as well as the Advanced-Building website as its Thought Leader.
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