Processes are also a “Product”

Jul 19, 2017 No Comments by

Food for thought; The strengths of your business may have achieved an historical position in the market place through years of repetition. This would typically “bookend” the capability of the business, determine which skill-set is employed and inevitably, establish the culture within the business. The question is; “How often has your business looked at itself […]

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Preventing building tragedies – Facade focus

Jul 06, 2017 No Comments by

Every so often we are witness to an event or disruption that affects the industry we work in. This could not have been more magnified when I witnessed the tragedy that unfolded recently at the Grenfell Towers, situated in North Kensington in West London. To those who witnessed the live news reporting of the building, […]

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Future Proofing Risk

Jul 05, 2017 No Comments by

Future proofing? In the segment of business/market development, are you mitigating against the risk that exists in your day-to-day business? It is unsustainable to be in a constant state of treading water! Bad for business, bad for market perception and bad for morale! If the currency were to “tank” tomorrow by 20%, are you still […]

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